How can I register my shop in UP?

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When you start a business with a shop, you need to register under the shop and establishment with the Department of Labor as it is a mandatory requirement to legally continue working.

For registration, you can follow the procedure mentioned below:


  • Go to www.uplabour.gov.in. Then go to the online registration and renewal link.
  • After this, the Labor Act Management System website will appear.
  • Now enter the user ID and password if you are an existing member or click on the Register Now button to create a user ID and password.
  • A screen will appear asking if you are already a registered user or if a new registration is required. Click on the “New Registration” option.
  • After this a new page will appear which will take you to www.niveshmitra.up.nic.in. According to the government. The order will now make all new applications for registration under various functions only through a single-window called the Nivesh Mitra portal of the UP government.
  • Entrepreneur login will show on the website of Nivesh Mitra portal of UP government.
  • For entrepreneur registration, enter the name of the company or enterprises, the name of the entrepreneur, active email ID, and mobile phone, enter the verification code, and then click the Register button.
  • After clicking, the user ID will appear on the screen and a link will be provided to the email ID and verification of the mobile number. Once you click on the link, your email ID will be verified, then an OTP will be sent to the given mobile number for verification of the mobile number, the mobile number will also be verified when the OTP is entered.
  • Now enter the entrepreneur login with credentials. Here you have to create a new password. After successfully creating a new password the site will take you to the home page.
  • Enter the entrepreneur’s details. Then the communication details should be entered i.e. the registered office address of the enterprises.
  • The next detail the site will ask is whether the registered office addresses are communication addresses. After this, the site will ask about the unit whether it is new or you want to update the existing unit details, so here you have to click on the new unit.
  • Fill in all the details correctly.
  • After this, the details related to the location of the unit are to be recorded. Land Owned or Leased? Enter a description of the same.
  • Now the details of the authorized person should be entered. If the person whose details were initially recorded is the same as the authorized person then click on it or else enter the details of the authorized person.
  • After reading the instructions, I accept the terms and conditions and then click on the final submission button.
  • After this, the email ID and mobile are verified again by sending the OTP to the same. It then generates a unit ID for future use.
  • After that click on Apply / NOC / License on the left side of the site. After clicking on this option for editing, if any editing is required at the estimated project cost or estimated annual turnover, this can be done at this time, as this is a one-time opportunity. Then click on the Validate option.
  • After this, we have to select the department in which we need to register. In this case, click on the Labor Department.
  • Selection is to be made after the description of this service. In this case, registered under the UP Shops and Establishment Act, 1962 is to be selected and finally click down with the choice.
  • After this, the site will ask to see the filled application form.
  • After reading the instructions, click on the I agree to the Terms and Conditions button, and the application for the Uttar Pradesh Shops And Commercial Establishments Act, 1962 will appear under the registration. Fill in all the details correctly.
  • Click on the submit button, after this the application number will be allotted. Click on Paid Consolidated Fee and proceed to payment, after this no editing can be done.
  • Then save the challan. Click the Salary Consolidated Fee appearing on the left side of the site. Online payment for the application is made successfully.
  • The final registration certificate will be issued automatically after an effective payment.


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