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Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) is an excellent way to offer protection to Entrepreneurs venturing into partnership. In LLP one partner of the company is not liable or responsible for another partners misconduct. A Limited Liability Partnership is also ideal for small businesses.

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Limited Liabilities Partnership Incorporation

In INDIA, partnership firms are formed under the partnership act of 1932. Such partnerships can be registered with the Registrar of firms or can operate as unregistered as well as there is no penalty for unregistered partnership, However, in case of an unregistered partnership, a partner cannot file a suit in any court against the firm or other partners for the enforcement of any right arising from a contract or right conferred by the Partnership Act. Hence it was not advisable for businesses to operate as unregistered firms. Also, there was no transparency in the partnership firm from the viewpoint of stakeholders.

Concept of LLP came into force in 2008 which provided a solution to all problems and hurdles faced by partnership firms registered under the partnership act,1932. Limited liability partnership (LLP) is a body corporate governed by The Limited Liability Partnership Act, 2008(LLP Act). LLP means an association of a minimum of two individuals, body corporate, or any combination of such. LLP has a separate entity from its partners and enjoys perpetual succession like a private limited company.

Advantages Of Registering An LLP

Disadvantages of LLP

So, whether you need to incorporate an LLP, a normal partnership firm or any other business format will entirely depend upon your specific industry and your future vision. Chartered Munshi offers free business advice for making such important decisions by evaluating your current and future needs.

Procedure For the Incorporation Of LLP

Charteredmunshi offers 100% online registration of LLP. After verifying your documents, we will immediately start preparing documents like DSC, DPIN, AOA, MOA, etc. to be filled with MCA. Here is a brief about registering an LLP.

The incorporation document shall be filed in Form FiLLiP (Form for incorporation of Limited Liability Partnership)

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We value all our customers and make an attempt to offer our services as though they were our 'first client'. We ensure that the process is fast and smooth. Unlike others, we do not outsource our work and offer in house services coming through our specialists who are experts in their respective fields. We will assign you a dedicated manager who will support you from the start to end of the process and address any queries that you might have.

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Can a foreigner become a partner in LLP?

Yes, a foreigner or an NRI can become a member of LLP subject to proper documentation.

How many members are required for LLP registration?

A minimum of two persons is required for LLP registration.

Whether it's necessary to write LLP at the end of LLP name?

Every Limited Liability Partnership shall use the words "Limited Liability Partnership" or its acronym "LLP" as the last words of its name

How can we alter LLP agreement?
Yes LLP agreement can be altered. The Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) Agreement is the charter of the LLP, similar to the Memorandum of Association and Articles of Association for a private limited company. It defines the scope and extent of the LLP’S operations as well as the rights, duties, obligations of the partners.
Altering the agreement can be done passing a resolution approving the revision in the LLP Agreement. The second step is to file Form 3 with the Registrar within 30 days of the amendment in the agreement.
The Documents to be attached to Form 3 shall include the following
  • Initial LLP Agreement
  • Supplementary/ Altered agreement
  • Optional attachments if any
Can we change the name of LLP?

Yes the name of LLP can be changed


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